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Thanks for taking the time to fill out our survey! It’s important to us to know what our listeners want out of the podcast, so we can tailor it to your interests. We also want to learn how to be better science communicators (and entertainers), so we could use some constructive criticism. As a thank you, we're raffling off a $35 Amazon gift card and a Goggles Optional t-shirt.

What is your favorite segment of Goggles Optional?

Features are the main segments of the show, which typically cover a recent science news article in depth. Editorials are typically shorter segments in the middle of the show, which tend to focus more on hosts' opinions and commentary.

What areas of science would you like to hear more about?

e.g. genetics, astrophysics, science policy, etc.
How much of the features should be devoted to technical details?

Rate from “much less than now” to “much more than now”

If you have listened to any of the Beer Goggles episodes (less scripted, more discussion), how do you like them compared to regular episodes?

What's your science background like?

How do you like the length of our episodes?

How did you hear about Goggles Optional?

What would be the best way to get you to interact with Goggles Optional?

For example, posting questions to social media, having a Q&A call-in section for each episode, or hosting live events in the San Francisco Bay Area like a trivia night.
We’d love to reach as many people as possible with our show. Have you given it a review (e.g. on iTunes) or mentioned it to your friends?

What do you like best about Goggles Optional?

What isn’t so great about Goggles Optional?

Thanks for taking our survey! Last question: are you wearing goggles right now?

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